An exceptional Albanian family members which have seven youngsters to provide that have dysmorphic has and you will mental retardation: maternal phenylketonuria

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  • An exceptional Albanian family members which have seven youngsters to provide that have dysmorphic has and you will mental retardation: maternal phenylketonuria
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An exceptional Albanian family members which have seven youngsters to provide that have dysmorphic has and you will mental retardation: maternal phenylketonuria

Phenylketonuria was an innate error off amino acidic metabolic process which can produce severe harm to the average person otherwise, when it comes to maternal phenylketonuria, into the foetus. Brand new maternal phenylketonuria problem is because of large blood phenylalanine density in pregnancy and you may gift ideas with major foetal anomalies, particularly congenital heart disease, microcephaly and you can mental retardation.

I report on a compromised Albanian girl and her seven college students. Mom was affected by phenylketonuria in fact it is a substance heterozygote for a few pathogenetic mutations, L48S and P281L. The newest diagnosis was just built in brand new context of the girl college students, all of who features one or more major all-natural malformation. The first kid, 17 yrs old, enjoys a dual-chambered proper ventricle, spine malformations and you may epilepsy. The woman is in addition to psychologically retarded, microcephalic, displays facial dysmorphies and you may short prominence. Next child, a lady 15 years old, enjoys major intellectual retardation having microcephaly, brief stature and various dysmorphic has actually. Next brother, a kid, passed away regarding tetralogy out of Fallot in the age of 3 months. He and got numerous vertebral and you will rib malformations. These woman, now 11 years old, enjoys intellectual retardation, microcephaly and you will epilepsy as well as facial dysmorphy, partial deafness and you will small prominence. The latest seven-year-old son try a little mentally retarded and microcephalic. Good five-year-old child are a premature, dystrophic kid and you may shows mental retardation, dysmorphic face have, brachydactyly and you may clinodactyly of fifth thumb towards the both hands. After the an excellent miscarriage, all of our index situation, new youngest son from the 2 years of age, try microcephalic and you will emotionally retarded and you may reveals small facial anomalies. Every students exhibit features of phenylalanine embryopathy considering maternal phenylketonuria since mommy wasn’t recognized earlier and you can, for this reason, never gotten any diet.


This is actually the biggest friends experiencing maternal phenylketonuria claimed during the the fresh literature. Maternal phenylketonuria remains a problem, especially in girl out of places instead of a neonatal assessment system. Ergo, it is compulsory is alert for the probability of maternal phenylketonuria syndrome in case of a young child to your health-related provides explained here to eliminate foetal ruin within the further siblings.


Phenylketonuria (PKU; OMIM *261600) try an enthusiastic autosomal recessive diseases out of phe metabolic rate that end in really serious injury to individual or, when it comes to maternal PKU, on young children. The latest teratogenic negative effects of increased maternal phe account was initially recognised throughout the mid nineteen sixties, simultaneously whenever program newborn assessment and you can diet plan treatment of PKU had been created in really setup nations [Mabry mais aussi al., 1966]. Regular possess within the girls and boys with phe embryopathy were microcephaly, rational retardation and you can center malformation. The severity of maternal PKU problem try proportional to maternal bloodstream phe levels, and you will a rigorous weight reduction manage just before conception and while in the maternity is necessary to avoid congenital foetal anomalies [Rouse mais aussi al., 2000].

With your situation writeup on a superb Albanian friends, we want to stress the challenge from untreated or undiagnosed PKU during the adult women, resulting in the danger of severe maternal PKU syndrome in kids.

Case presentation

All of our list instance, a two-year-old girl, is the seven th living man men prefer lebanese women produced so you’re able to this lady mommy (Shape step one). She was admitted to our health for further symptomatic really works-up. Her birth weight is actually below 2500 grams, since the try the fact for everyone the lady siblings. Additionally, she displayed microcephaly, rational retardation and you will facial anomalies (much time underdeveloped philtrum, highest palate, anteverted nose). She together with displayed a large diastase of one’s abdominal rectus muscle mass.

Circumstances step one, new oldest boy of the non-consanguine relatives, good 17-year-dated girl, have a two fold-chambered right ventricle, several spine malformations of the thoracic and lumbal lower back and epileptic seizures. She and additionally reveals major intellectual retardation, microcephaly, facial dysmorphology (enough time underdeveloped philtrum, large nasal connection, micrognathism, highest palate, divergent strabism) and you can stunted increases.

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