I like my society and this is as to the reasons signing up for the fresh new European union ‘s the worst choice Croatia available

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  • I like my society and this is as to the reasons signing up for the fresh new European union ‘s the worst choice Croatia available
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I like my society and this is as to the reasons signing up for the fresh new European union ‘s the worst choice Croatia available

What exactly do Serbs, Bulgarians, and you can Macedonians have to do with Croatia as well as the Eu. It’s litterly such people is sharing cows in addition to their milk products and you will you’re discussing rabbits and you may carrots

Waiting wait wait 🙂 Here , the majority of people dont see way too much on the nations you to recognised Kosovo . You are collection facts. Cannot take myself once the an effective supply, should i state so it far more immediately after? I’m resident of the world. I’m able to never state one thing cuatro whole country if i got probs with anyone. Therefore , i however thought bulgarians are great and i also locate them almost an equivalent such as serbians.Thats my personal solutions. 🙂 The obvious you do not particularly serbians , but exactly who cares ? Nobody ! You had crappy experience and you will that is merely Okay…Countless others had different knowledge , however, planets perhaps not going to prevent today ? right ? And by how , your said you had crappy expereinces with serbian women…that is thus weird i want to say.we never believe bulgarians are so far totally different from serbians or croatians. Perhaps woman likes black colored boys…usually do not thought all lady feels as though one to 😉 You sound young , and so i can present you with sound advice . possibly serbian helps you to save your lifetime one day , or perhaps bulgarian will save my entire life. consider this ! bye !

I’m Croatian and you will are now living in Australia. 99% out of Croatians and you can Serbians listed below are still laden with such dislike. My personal date was Serbian and it’s really very difficult to convince our very own people who we’re a comparable. It’s very unpleasant you to croatian lady pick Arabs, black colored individuals and you may muslims referring to okay however, me personally are with some body with the same community and you will language and you will surface the color is seen as new terrible decision i’m able to make. The pretty good observe that there are a great somebody away indeed there which arent brainwashed from the propaganda one to baba enjoys told her or him. When we all would correct research we are able to notice that all of the battle try for the reason that a different country and never us directly attacking against one another. I’m really satisfied to-be a great Croatian, but somehow getting happy form you have to dislike Serbs. As soon as they can be the newest borders was offered to Muslims and other minorities. What is going to end up being from my personal community then? As well as, the uk is actually expenses 53 million lbs twenty four hours are an integral part of the latest Eu. They cannot escape and you will what are the European union very starting for her or him? There are many more muslim immigrants here than just British owners and you may theyre protesting within roadways. Is this how you wanted Serbia is if you are at some point forced to get in on the Eu? That it video clips simply an example You believe this might be a single movies sls swinging however, this is certainly reduced happening everywhere Europe and it’s merely bringing even worse.

Avoid that have government , and you can learn how to delight in individuals from the the life blood

How come the argument inside or about Croatia should stop up with Serbia and you will Croat Serbian relations?Even though anybody talk about environment alter there is always some Serb which comes and you can covers Serbia with the Croatia items.Croats basically avoid Serbian facts so long as it does not involve Croatia too. Yugoslavia is inactive,manage it!Croatia try finaly 100 % free.

It will probably end up being such as for example Germany and you will Frane, where in actuality the citizens get harrassed, raped and you can exposing Sharia Rules

Preciselywhat are you even talking about? I never ever increased Bulgaria just after. Looks like you keep pushing for some Croatian or Serbian people ahead collectively and you can say it hate you to help you rip out all these situations that probably arent actually appropriate. We have nothing wrong which have Bulgaria. Youre extremely generalising in every your statements.

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